Saturday, April 9, 2011

How To Know When Your Campfire Cooking Oil Is Just Right


For those of us that do a lot of cooking among the outdoors, cooking with oil is a great way to prepare fish and dozens of other types of wild game as well. The only bad part about survival cooking or campfire cooking is that you probably won’t have access to a temperature probe or anything else that will help you monitor your cooking oil temperatures. Luckily there’s any easy way to monitor your cooking oil to ensure that it gets to, and maintains that perfect 350 degrees. First, put an adequate amount of cooking oil into your pan and place it over the fire. Then, place an unlit wooden match into the oil and monitor it. When the oil reaches approximately 350 degrees, the wooden match will then ignite and smolder itself out by the oil. At that point, you’ll know that the temperature is just right and all you have to do is take note of the size, strength, and power of your fire and just maintain it to ensure that your temperatures won’t fluctuate. In most cases this is not necessary; as the meal will be cooked by the time the fire changes or weakens. Just remove the match from the oil and throw in your food and that’s it. Now you can accurately cook out in the wilderness and get the same great results that you would at home.

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