Friday, February 25, 2011

How To Find Water Sources

There are many techniques that can be used in order to help locate sources of water. Several different types of animals and insects can help signal that you are getting closer to water sources.

Bees – Bees are a very good indicator of water and usually won’t build a hive far from a significant water source.
Ants – ants rely on water and usually locate their nest within 50 yards of their sources however it’s typically a small amount or may come from water captured within crevices, plants, or tree bark. Each yield a very little supply of water but tapping into several sources could help add up to a sufficient amount of liquid.
Flies and Mosquitoes – Flies and Mosquitoes don’t typically travel more than 100 yards away from water sources. These water sources are typically a little more abundant than those of ants.

Grain eating birds require water at dawn and dusk and are good indicators of water. However birds of prey are not good indicators of water as they usually obtain their water from ingesting their prey.

Reptiles are typically not good indicators of water sources as they acquire most of their water from eating their prey.

Plant eating mammals are also usually not found far from water sources as they too also require water intake at dawn and dusk. They also usually create large animal pathways that lead from watering holes to food sources which are easily found within wooded areas or grassy areas. Follow these large animal trails downhill or towards the bottom most point in order to best locate water.

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