Thursday, March 3, 2011

Survival Kit Components

A Survival Kit is a must have for any outdoor enthusiast but is also highly recommended to all people in general.  Every year, people around the world are displaced by major nature disasters and other elements in life that require survival like demands such as shelter, food, water, and medical aid. These situations could include hurricanes, tornado's, tsunamis, tropical storms, power loss, loss of water, terrorist attacks, and many more situations that could require items that you might not usually stock in your household. It is also highly recommended that you take a combination of the items listed below anytime that you are out in the wilderness.  Although you don’t have to take everything with you, you do need to prioritize the items according to where you will be going and take as much as you can pack or as much extra weight as you can afford to carry. If you will be using a motor vehicle of some kind for the majority of the outdoor excursion, then there is no reason not to pack heavily. In survival situations, it is always better to be overly prepared rather than under prepared. Here are just a few items that one could include in their survival kit, I will continue to add more items as time goes on:

Ultra fine steel wool & Jute rope – can be used as tinder

Petroleum Jelly Lip Balm – can be used with tinder to make the flame burn hotter and longer

Magnifying Glass – can be used to ignite fires and for medical purposes

Bright Orange Blanket/Towel –can be used for warmth, toweling off, and signaling

Emergency Mylar Blankets – used for retaining body heat, shelter building, and signaling

Clear Plastic Bags – can be used to distill water, make solar stills, shelter coverings, etc.

Water Purification Tablets – used to chemically purify water when boiling is not possible
Water Filter – used for filtering water when boiling water is not possible

Metal Bowl – used for boiling water, rain collection, solar still collection, cooking meals, etc.

Metal/Aluminum Coffe Pot - used for boiling water and food preperation

Survival Knife – used for making tools, defense, shelter building, and meal preparation.

Knife Sharpening Stone – used to sharpen knifes, axes, saw, spears, shovels, etc.

Small Foldable Shovel – used for shelter building, trap building, fire pit construction, etc.

Lighters, Waterproof Matches, Mini Torches – used for fire starting.

Flashlight – preferably LED however traditional flashlights can be converted to make fire.

Bow Saw – used to cut limbs, trees, wood, or even rock given the right type of blade, preferably foldable for easy storage

Rope/Chain Saw – very compact and can be used to saw multiple types of lumber & limbs

Rope and Cordage – an assortment of several different lengths and weight capabilities is best.

Axe - used for collecting firewood, shelter building, raft construction, and much more

Sunscreen – used for skin protection
Sunglasses – especially when in snowy areas where snow blindness is a hazard or around water

Insect Repellent – multi insect repellent works best but important in swampy or mosquito prone areas

Needles & Thread – assortment for medical use, clothing repair, etc.

Winter/Summer Apparel – used to either conserve body heat or help keep you cooler

Raingear – used to keep dry and preventing Hypothermia

Candles – easily lit and provide light, wax can be used to waterproof standard matches

Tinder – could be several different things such as cotton, rope, lint, or even synthetic fire bars

GPS – can help locate safety areas, major roads, or even water sources

Solar Powering Device – can be used to recharge electronic devices

Advanced First Aid Kit – Capable of treating burns, broken limbs, lacerations, infections, etc.

Compass – helps track your movement, finds critical locations, & navigation back to civilization
Compact Food – foods such as beef jerky, nuts, dried fruits, or anything that won’t easily spoil

Protein Powder – very high in protein, lasts years as long as it doesn’t get wet, light weight

Multi-Vitamin Tablets - provides essential vitamins and minerals over long periods of time when food sources are limited

Salt Tablets or General Salt – very important for your body and can be used as bait for traps

Fishing Supplies – take an assortment of hooks, fishing line, weights, or even bright colored baits

Whistle – used to locate one another, signal rescuers, or communicate over long distances

Signaling Mirror – used to signal rescuers

Water – distilled water or the like for longer shelf life


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