Thursday, March 17, 2011

How To Make Your Own Insect Repellent

For many people, insect repellents that contain Deet can irritate your skin and even cause some people to break out. Little do most people know that you can make your own insect repellent at home with just a handful of ingredients. In fact, some people swear that homemade repellent is better than anything you can buy at the store. All you need is Aloe Vera gel, vegetable oil, and cedar oil. If you can’t find cedar oil, then you can also use sassafras or pure citronella oil. First mix 30%  Aloe Vera, 55% vegetable oil, and 15% cedar oil. Allow it to sit for about 15 minutes and then you’re ready to apply it. Check for your sensitivity to the ingredients by applying a small amount to your forearm or behind your knee and watch it for several hours. If you don’t see any redness or other signs of allergens then you should be just fine. Some people might be allergic to some of the ingredients and not know it, so it’s always better to test yourself first to make absolutely positive before you rub a large amount of it all over your body. Also while wearing your homemade bug repellent, try not to wear dark colored clothing as mosquitoes, flies, and other insects are attracted to dark colors. Try wearing bright colored clothing as it will just further help deter pesky insects.

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